Meet Aaron Martinez – #kinnickbutternation Athlete

Aaron Martinez - Testimonial

“I’ve been wanting to write this up in gratitude to Kinnick’s programming. I felt compelled to sit down and do it after hitting a huge pr for me today. One of those fist pump, yell, lots of emotion type prs.
     I started with Jeremy’s programming about 10 months ago. I had been crossfitting about 2 years at that time and had reached some stagnation with my training. My lifts weren’t really improving, my benchmarks weren’t getting any faster. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy at a Tony Blauer seminar and introduced myself to him after recognizing his “competitor” shorts. I kept following him on social networking and admired him. I got in touch with him and initially started with meal plans. He helped me greatly in regards to my nutrition, then we really turned it on when I had him start programming my workouts.
     When we started I had hit a 315 back squat  2 times, and that was planning it for a couple days in advance and laying everything I had for that one rep. Today I put 345# on my back for the first time and hit a fairly easy double.
     In a the last 6 months I’ve taken a 3:47 Fran to a 3:08 (sub 3 next!) added 20# to my power clean and power snatch, 30# to my back squat, 15# to my strict press. Taken my grace from 5:40 ish to 3:08 also. Got to a 8:01 Helen from 8:40 and really a slew of other prs! Lets just say everything has gotten better then it was, and that has all been after I thought I was pretty much done improving much after crossfitting 2 years! It has really reignited my fire and given me confidence that I have leaps and bounds to improve still.” ~ Aaron Martinez

Thanks for the kind words Aaron!  Its been a pleasure seeing you grow as an athlete and a person!  As you have learned over the past, almost year, its about gradual and steady improvements.  If you are trying to be really good tomorrow or next week its not going to work.  Everyday you have to work towards a bigger picture and bigger goals.  But you have to be in the moment and do what needs to be done not what you want to do.  Lets be real.  Hitting PR’s is fun.  But sometimes working that technique or skill gets old and mundane but hard, consistent, and correct work pays off huge dividends.  Nose down and go bro!

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