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The Power of CrossFit and the Zone

CrossFit has a way of completely changing your life.  From the way you look at fitness to the way you view community.  For me, it has really flowed over to every single aspect of my life. Food, sleep, hydration, recovery, friends, family, relationships, work…all of these things have been transformed because of my experience with CrossFit. It is truly life changing.  

Since starting CrossFit, my view on nutrition has completely evolved.  I never really thought much about it before.  Healthy eating?  What did that even mean?  Starting the Zone diet in 2007 was a drastic change for me. Even though I would “Zone” processed foods, it was the first step in me taking my nutrition seriously. Since then, I have gradually improved the quality of food I consume. Over time I eliminated processed foods. Fruit was a major staple in my Zone meals, but over time I have phased that out. I include as much nutrient dense vegetables as possible every meal now. The quality of food was my next focus. I have gone from not eating anything organic to now eating almost all organic.  That eventually led me to taking matters into my own hands. I have been hard at work creating gardens for myself and my family so that we can become more sustainable.  It is pretty awesome to see how simply being introduced to CrossFit started this transformation in how I see everything that goes into my body.

If you are looking for help in pursuing a similar path with your nutrition, I offer nutrition consulting, meals plans, and guidance for successfully implementing the Zone into your daily lifestyle. My experience has changed my life and I want to share what I have learned with as many people as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at jeremy@crossfitkinnick.com!

Zone 101

I have had some really great feedback from my recent post: Performance Nutrition: “Light as a Feather Strong as an Ox”  and I plan on answering all the questions I received in my next blog post. For me it is all about the Zone, it is absolutely key to my nutrition and it has become the only way I can ever eat. Balancing macronutrient is second nature for me and the Zone completely changed the way I view food. If you have heard some things about it but never completely understood the concept then watch this great video with CrossFit Kinnick Trainer Michael O’Brien. The Zone is actually an extremely simple system and approach to nutrition that yields the best benefits for health and performance.