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Team Kinnick Butter Crushing Fran!

A few months back the WOD at CrossFit Kinnick was “Fran.” All 8 members of Team Kinnick Butter did the workout and put up some amazing performances across the board! All four of our ladies went sub 3:00…so impressive!

Christine Navarro: 2:29
Elyse Persico: 2:30
Melody Sanchez: 2:33
Giermaine Kinnick: 2:52

We synced all four videos of them performing the workout, check it out!

The four men of Team Kinnick Butter (myself included) also showed what CrossFit Kinnick beasts can do. We all went sub 2:30! Pretty proud of these guys. They are the future. They know the importance of being coachable and having the will to do the little things that will make them better athletes in the long run. Solid work boys!

Jeremy Kinnick: 2:15
Danny O’Brien: 2:16
Nick Robles: 2:23
Chris Nicholson: 2:24

I love these videos and getting to see everyone simultaneously smashing through the workout!

Team Kinnick Butter is Heading to Mexico!

Last year I had the awesome opportunity to head down to Monterey, Mexico as a special guest for the first edition of a Battle of the Boxes competition inspired by the competitions we run at CrossFit Kinnick. I had a great time meeting everyone, judging some heats and cheering for the competitors.  I went down there as a special guest to help support the CrossFit community in Mexico.  This summer I am very excited to announce that I will be returning for the 3rd edition…this time to compete!  The competition calls for teams of 3 men and 2 women so I will be bringing along some of my regionals teammates from Team Kinnick Butter: Danny O’Brien, Nick Robles, Elyse Persico, and my wife, Giermaine Kinnick. We cannot wait to visit Monterey and be a part in helping the CrossFit community grow in Mexico. My last visit was a great experience and it was really cool to see how passionate everyone was about CrossFit. This year will definitely be more of the same, the competition sold out just 7 days after registration opened! The hosts are expecting over 400 competitors and we will be battling against 23 other teams in the Elite division! We cannot wait to spread some KINNICK BUTTER!

CrossFit Kinnick is Sending Two Teams to Regionals!

At CrossFit Kinnick we pride ourselves in helping people see themselves as athletes and pushing them to chase after their potential. Over the years I have seen so many of our athletes progress and I think our gym is pretty unique in that our best competitors were far from top level when they came through our doors. Next to none of them have any real athletic background as far as college sports or prior experience in strength and conditioning. Many were even overweight and deconditioned (including myself when I started CrossFit). For those without that prior training, every bit of fitness they have was all achieved through CrossFit. Constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity. The difference maker at our box is that we don’t write anyone off as not having the ability to achieve great things with their fitness and we get really fired up to help everyday people become fitter than they ever thought possible. Anyone can become a competitor for CrossFit Kinnick with commitment and dedication.

This year we were able to qualify two teams for the 2014 CrossFit Games SoCal Regional and it is a great accomplishment for us to not just qualify a team with our strongest athletes who train heavily for competition, but to qualify another team was truly a representation of the abilities that all of our CrossFit Kinnick athletes have. Team Kinnick Butter (only represented by our top 4 men and women, check the roster here) finished tied for 2nd in a stacked SoCal region and 8th worldwide. Team Kinnick was made up of our other 89 athletes participating in the Open and they were able to qualify in 30th place in SoCal, earning an invite to regionals as well! I am so proud of the CrossFit Kinnick community and of the 4 men and 4 women that we are sending to represent Team Kinnick at the Socal Regional:

Andrew Perry

Jason Kinnick

Chris Hapner

Brian Ciaglia

Sariah Veirs

Claudia Morel

Natalie Hendricks

I-Esha Scott

The SoCal Regional is coming quick and we are all hard at work getting ready to spread more BUTTER than ever! Stay tuned!