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The Power of CrossFit and the Zone

CrossFit has a way of completely changing your life.  From the way you look at fitness to the way you view community.  For me, it has really flowed over to every single aspect of my life. Food, sleep, hydration, recovery, friends, family, relationships, work…all of these things have been transformed because of my experience with CrossFit. It is truly life changing.  

Since starting CrossFit, my view on nutrition has completely evolved.  I never really thought much about it before.  Healthy eating?  What did that even mean?  Starting the Zone diet in 2007 was a drastic change for me. Even though I would “Zone” processed foods, it was the first step in me taking my nutrition seriously. Since then, I have gradually improved the quality of food I consume. Over time I eliminated processed foods. Fruit was a major staple in my Zone meals, but over time I have phased that out. I include as much nutrient dense vegetables as possible every meal now. The quality of food was my next focus. I have gone from not eating anything organic to now eating almost all organic.  That eventually led me to taking matters into my own hands. I have been hard at work creating gardens for myself and my family so that we can become more sustainable.  It is pretty awesome to see how simply being introduced to CrossFit started this transformation in how I see everything that goes into my body.

If you are looking for help in pursuing a similar path with your nutrition, I offer nutrition consulting, meals plans, and guidance for successfully implementing the Zone into your daily lifestyle. My experience has changed my life and I want to share what I have learned with as many people as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at jeremy@crossfitkinnick.com!

NPGL Announcement…

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I am so excited to announce that after being selected in the 5th round of the first ever NPGL Draft, I am officially a member of the Los Angeles Reign! This is a dream come true for me and I am so thankful for what this means for myself, my gym, and my family. I have put in a lot of hard work over the years because I love training and getting better. I never imagined that it would lead me to becoming a professional athlete and I cannot wait to start this journey. What makes this all even better is the insanely talented team that I get to be a part of including my teammate Elyse Persico who was also selected by the Reign! I would like to thank everyone for all the support I have received over the past couple days, it means more than I can explain. Now it is time to do some work and represent SoCal in a big way out on the Grid!


2014 kicks off with an Inaugural Abbreviated Regular Season this August where the sport of Grid will debut with the first official matches and teams will battle it out to claim that first championship! Our first scheduled match puts the Los Angeles Reign up against the New York Rhinos. It is slated to go down on August 19th at Madison Square Garden…No big deal!

Stay tuned for more details as this sport takes off!

NPGL Vegas Combine and the Draft

This week I am heading to Florida to be there for the first ever Grid Draft. After making my way through the Los Angeles and Vegas Combines I am excited to take part in the final phase of this journey as teams look to fill their rosters. All athletes who participated in the Vegas Combine are eligible to be drafted including myself and my teammate Elyse Persico. I had an incredible experience at the Vegas Combine where the 8 teams had the opportunity to see the 200 athletes out on the grid. We were assigned to teams and set to participate in a full match consisting of 11 separate races. Teams then chose 50 men and 50 women to move on to day 2 of the combine where we would again be assigned to teams and put through a full match. The final day would feature one more match where teams would select 10 men and 10 women to race. This final match had higher stakes…the winning team would be guaranteed NPGL contracts.

The NPGL is obviously new territory for all the athletes, myself included, but I really feel like my abilities fit extremely well into this sport and my performance in the combine backed that up. I made it past all the cuts and got the awesome opportunity to participate in the final match and to race for a spot on a NPGL team. If there was any doubt about how exciting this new sport can be, that final match put it to rest. Our teams were tied going into the last of the 11 races and the win literally came down to a final sprint to the finish. Despite an amazing effort my team came up just short.

The experience was awesome and getting to compete in that team format with such awesome athletes was so much fun. The opportunity the NPGL brings is pretty unique and it is really cool to that as I turn 35 (today in fact!) I am on the verge of realizing a life-long dream: becoming a professional athlete. I have long since committed fully to sacrificing daily to train and work towards being the best I possibly can. I’m feeling extremely blessed and thankful to see things fall into place. Florida, here I come!

Team Kinnick Butter is Heading to Mexico!

Last year I had the awesome opportunity to head down to Monterey, Mexico as a special guest for the first edition of a Battle of the Boxes competition inspired by the competitions we run at CrossFit Kinnick. I had a great time meeting everyone, judging some heats and cheering for the competitors.  I went down there as a special guest to help support the CrossFit community in Mexico.  This summer I am very excited to announce that I will be returning for the 3rd edition…this time to compete!  The competition calls for teams of 3 men and 2 women so I will be bringing along some of my regionals teammates from Team Kinnick Butter: Danny O’Brien, Nick Robles, Elyse Persico, and my wife, Giermaine Kinnick. We cannot wait to visit Monterey and be a part in helping the CrossFit community grow in Mexico. My last visit was a great experience and it was really cool to see how passionate everyone was about CrossFit. This year will definitely be more of the same, the competition sold out just 7 days after registration opened! The hosts are expecting over 400 competitors and we will be battling against 23 other teams in the Elite division! We cannot wait to spread some KINNICK BUTTER!

National Pro Fitness League Combine


Recently I had the opportunity to take part in the very first combine run by the NPFL in an effort to find top athletes and showcase their abilities for the professional teams in the league. By now most people in the community have heard a lot about the league and it has generated a ton of buzz because of the opportunity it provides top level athletes like myself. The teams are signing athletes on as professionals and the sport has huge potential. The Los Angeles Combine was April 4th-6th and it was a great experience getting to catch up with people I have known for years and are now involved in the league along with getting to show my strengths in a very different format. I have competed individually in CrossFit for going on 7 years now and it has been incredible. I am far from done pursuing my limits there, however, the team aspect of the NPFL is extremely cool and a very different kind of challenge that I feel really suits me. All of my life I have competed on teams with baseball and soccer and now there is this new sport that provides the chance to continue that camaraderie with the co-ed human performance races. This year will be my first competing with my affiliate team Kinnick Butter in the CrossFit Games season (currently 8th place worldwide), but I have also hopped into a few team competitions over the years including throwing down alongside Kenny Leverich at a local competition that we won 1st place at. Every team competition I have done has been a blast; the teamwork and strategy focused races that the NPFL has created is something I definitely can thrive in.

The combine itself started out with the first day allowing athletes to choose which lifts, skills, and drills they wanted to showcase in the hopes of being called back for the final day where we would actually get to test run the first ever NPFL races so that the team operators could see how the athletes worked in the new format. CrossFit Kinnick was well represented at the combine with myself, my training partner Nick Robles, and my Kinnick Butter teammate Elyse Persico all heading down to test it out and show off the butter! All three of us snagged some PRs as we picked out different lifts and gymnastic movements to test and at the end we were called back for the final day where we were split off into mock teams to test races. The races were a ton of fun and it will definitely turn out to be just as exciting for spectators and new fans of the sport. After a long day of races, Tony Budding (CEO and Founder of the NPFL) listed off the 24 men and 24 women who would be invited on to the next stage of the combine: a two day event in June, after which teams will draft and sign players to their rosters. Elyse and I were both called up and I’m excited to continue on in the draft process for the NPFL! I’m thankful for the opportunity to take part in the beginning stages of the league and to help it grow!