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Q&A: Two Questions…

Pictured above:  Jonathan Kinnick (my younger bro & co-founder of Beyond the Whiteboard & Crossfit Kinnick) is practicing the “Slapping SPEAR” very effectively on my neck.  If you have not been to Tony Blauer‘s “Be Your Own Bodyguard” Seminar, I would strongly recommend looking for one at a Crossfit gym near you and learning his method of using your body’s natural instincts to protect yourself.  This picture is from PDR31 this past weekend at SEALFIT in Encinitas, Ca.  This is the Personal Defense Readiness Instructors Course.



I have two questions: Is sealFit as cool as I think it is? and how does strongman help you? I run a donation-based garage gym, we just got a big donation from running a small online competition and I’m contemplating between two purchases: CFFB cert to increase my coaching skills or a yoke… any suggestions?



Thanks for the questions.  I am not sure how cool you think SealFit is but I would guess that its much cooler than you think!  Beautiful facility just off the beach.  I didn’t get a chance to workout there but it was an awesome place!

The philosophy behind Strongman goes perfectly with Crossfit.  Moving a heavy load using unconventional objects.  Strongman is a lot about grip strength but also getting your body used to heavy loads on your body or in your hands.  It has taught me to be able to cope and deal with suffering under heavy weight.  The Yoke has been a huge staple in my training since before the Open, Regionals, and Games.  Whether its Yoke walks or Zercher carries.  If you have never done the Zercher Carries I suggest you experience that.  I love them.  The stones are amazing as well teaching you to move an odd object.  We just recently got the Farmer Handles and those have been BRUTAL.  Grip strength has been a weakness of mine but with all the work with the Stones and now with the Farmer Handles I think its making a big difference.  You can also use the Farmer Handles for a Fat bar deadlift.  I could go on and on about how its all helped me but I think that gives you the jist of it.

Now this last question is a tough one.  I have never been to a CFFB cert but I am a huge fan of increasing your skill set.  But the yoke is SO amazing.  It all depends on your goals really.  The yoke is only one piece of equipment where as the CFFB could help with ideas on programming and coaching.  But if I had to choose I would pick the Yoke and learn to suffer under that thing!

Hope I answered your questions for you Steven.  Thanks again.

Ask Jeremy #3

I have been asked again to open up the floor for questions this week. I am here to help and answer anything you throw at me to the best of my ability. I have been a part of the CrossFit Community since mid 2007 and have lots of experience to share.

Currently I am down at Tony Blauer’s S.P.E.A.R. PDR (personal defense readiness) Instructor Course in beautiful Encinitas California being held at SealFit. If you have questions about that I would love to share how the SPEAR SYSTEM has taught me to use my natural weapons and tap into my genetically wired self defense system that we all possess. Now I am learning to teach it to others. A by product of learning how to be my own bodyguard has been the transference of the mindset to my daily life and to my Crossfit life as a coach and a Games athlete.

I have also started helping Rob Orlando on the new Crossfit Strongman Cert. If you have questions on how Strongman has helped me and how it can be easily implemented as an additional modality please let me know.

I am looking to some amazing questions! Thanks folk for tuning in.