Be YOUR Best

Clay, Jeremy, Carson @ O.C.T. 2013

**Photo taken by Sailor Schifferli @ the 2012 OC Throwdown.

**Picture above from left to right: Clayton Andrew Kinnick, Jeremy Andrew Kinnick, & Carson Lee Kinnick

In Crossfit we get caught up in the competitive side and try to beat others or get the top score.  I think this is a huge part of getting better.  I am in no way saying this is a bad thing.  Its a good way to keep you working hard but the reality is that just doesn’t matter that much.  I don’t think the goal for 99.999999999% (this percentage is merely a guestimate) should be to be the best in the world or region or even your gym.  Rather it should be to be YOUR best.  Less focus on what others are doing and more focus on what you are doing.  This kind of goes along with my previous Blog “Win Everyday“.  Again its merely a mindset shift.  Looking at what others are getting can unleash possibilities.  Like seeing someone of similar strength or speed accomplishing something you never thought possible allows your brain to realize that the feat is possible.  Once its possible you have a chance.  Once you believe you can do it you now have a chance of actually doing it.  But at the end of the day you should do everything you can to be the best YOU possible.  I challenge you to try to reach and surpass your genetic potential.  Failing only means you are challenging yourself.  So fail and fail frequently.  See what YOU can become.  Oh and be sure to spread as much BUTTER as possible as often as possible!!! #kinnickbutternation…

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