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Beyond the Whiteboard Analyze: Power Lifts

Beyond the Whiteboard has been a huge tool in my CrossFit training since it was created by my little brother Jonathan Kinnick and his crew in 2009.  The site itself has grown so much over the years and has become more than just a way to keep track of your “Fran” times and max lifts. The site now has an amazing feature called “Fitness Level” which puts an actual number to where your fitness stacks up against the CrossFit community.

*Your Overall Fitness Level number can range from 0-100.  It is a relative measure of Fitness, meaning it compares your performance to the rest of the community.  A Fitness Level of 77 means you are more Fit than roughly 77% of the community*

Fitness Level includes 8 categories that gauges your overall fitness. The categories include, “…Power Lifts and Olympic Lifts, which are determined by your average levels of those respective lifts.  The Speed category looks at your average levels for Shorter Runs and Rows (100m to 1000m), while the Endurance category looks at Longer Runs and Rows (1000m to 1okm).  There are also four Conditioning/MetCon Categories.   We have divided Benchmark workouts and other popular workouts into four different categories.  The first three include Bodyweight, Light, and Heavy workouts, all 20 minutes and under.  The Long category includes workouts where the average time to completion is greater than 20 minutes.  By combining your levels in these 8 categories, we get a very broad measure of your overall Fitness.”

The feature has made it so simple and easy for me to address my weaknesses and focus my programming. I’m going to do a series of blogs talking about each of these categories and my progress in them throughout my CrossFit journey!


Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 10.42.40 PM

The power lifts (back squat, bench press, deadlift, shoulder press) have always been great lifts for me and my Fitness Level numbers reflect that well, even my earliest numbers earn me an 85 in the category and from there I invested a serious amount of time building a solid strength base with these lifts. I have fully trained through a number of different powerlifting programs that focus a ton on posterior chain development and creating raw power output that is extremely useful in CrossFit. I’ve explored so many of the accessory lifts to these movements and really enjoyed working towards increasing my max numbers alongside my ability to handle heavier workouts. Overall my numbers have jumped up enough to now bring me to a 98 in the Power Lift category. A recent strength cycle I went through helped me hit:

Back squat: 415# x 5 reps

Bench Press: 280# x 5 reps

Deadlift: 485# x 5 reps

Shoulder Press: 195# x 5 reps

I definitely enjoy training the Power Lifts and they have been a huge part in giving me the strength base that I am now using to further my Olympic Lifts and overall capacity in CrossFit. Do yourself a favor and start using Beyond the Whiteboard right away, it is so crucial to see the progress we work for in CrossFit and the Fitness Level takes it to new heights. Stay tuned for more looks into this feature and my numbers!

Squat Clean Progress: 2012 CrossFit Games and Now

The Olympic Lifts are some of my favorite movements in CrossFit because they are so challenging, physically and mentally. Having started CrossFit in 2007, my initial exposure to the lifts was purely through trail and error as my brother Jonathan and I worked through how to perform and coach the movements properly. I watched hours upon hours of YouTube videos and experimented with techniques and positions that were all brand new to me. Throughout the years I’ve had different focuses in my training that have allowed me to develop as a well rounded CrossFit athlete. I feel that things are really coming together as the huge time and effort I have put into developing a solid strength foundation has allowed me to focus on honing in and really developing my technique for the Clean & Jerk and Snatch.

My progress with the Squat Clean has come a long way. Leading up to the 2012 CrossFit Games I PR’d the lift with 315#:

This was huge for me and with the Squat Clean ladder event slated to go down at the games I was fired up to push my limits and make it well into the ladder. Unfortunately the event didn’t go as planned. The weights started at 245# and went up by 10# all the way to 385#, but I missed the 285# bar. Well below what I know I was capable of. It was a frustrating moment for me but the pressures of competition happen. My progress since then though has been amazing, some of the numbers I have hit include:

345# Hang Squat Clean

335# Hang Power Clean

350# Squat Clean

Here is the video for my best clean thus far from September 2013, and I’ve got more in the tank! My technique and strength are only going up, big things are coming!

Q & A with Jeremy!


Part of what I love about CrossFit is being able to give back.  When my brother and I started CrossFitting in my 3-car garage in March of 2007, CrossFit was still very new and the first CrossFit Games had yet to take place.  My reason for starting CrossFit had nothing do with competition or the Games.  I started to lose weight, feel better, and enjoy life.  Since we started when we did, and because of the success we have had, it has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to give back to the CrossFit community. I want to share my experience with as many people as I can.

Like I have done in the past, I would like to open myself up for questions.  I am an open book and welcome any and all questions. Feel free to ask questions about coaching athletes, the #kinnickbutternation, how to spread butter in life and CrossFit, my background, my training, competition experience, and anything in between! I will do everything I can to answer questions to the best of my ability.  Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.  Helping people change their lives in the same manner that I have is such a blessing and honor.

*Photograph courtesy of RX Magazine, taken by Paul A. Smith

Deadlift Throwback!

I stumbled upon this 1 rep max deadlift video (circa 2007) recently and since it is #throwbackthursday I thought I would share it along with my progress on the lift! That 355# was a PR that I hit in my garage where CrossFit Kinnick started in the same year.  The deadlift has become one of my favorite movements throughout my training despite some issues with it in the past. There was a period that I struggled to break past certain numbers on my deadlift and I had to attack it in as many ways as I could to make it a strength. On February 10th, 2009 I pulled 397# for a big PR, then 6 days later I broke past the 400# mark with a 417# lift. It was tough for me to make big progress and it took me that 2 year period (2007-2009) to get into the 400# club. Later that year though, I had a huge breakthrough at the 2009 CrossFit Games, I was able to PR in the deadlift ladder event and pull a 435# deadlift. In the next year of training I worked hard at making it a strength and got my 1 rep max up to 485# in April 2010.  I’ve gone through many different training phases using different accessory lifts and programs that have brought me to where I am. The last few months have been huge for me in regards to my overall strength and my deadlift is no exception, below is a more recent video of a 10 rep deadlift at 465# and a 5 rep at 485#! In my development as a CrossFit athlete I have focused heavily on developing posterior chain strength and I think it has benefited my overall strength and capacity a ton.

Rebel Rising Competition with Kenneth Leverich

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Last month I had the great opportunity to compete with my friend and SoCal beast Kenneth Leverich at the Rebel Rising Partner Competition. I got the invite and jumped at the chance to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital while getting to throwdown with some top SoCal athletes! The competition was a great event for the community and a unique format with a single division for same sex or co-ed partners. Red Wolf CrossFit hosted the event, they wanted to showcase the athletes and affiliates who are competing with emphasis on “Quality” over “Quantity” and giving back to the community. I was humbled to be invited and the competition couldn’t have gone better! Kenny and I came out on top after the 3 events,  it was a close finish with my friends Jon Pera/David Millar coming in second and Reid Worthington/Aaron Gardner rounding out the top 3. The workouts were challenging and the finishes were close, in the end Kenny and I pulled off a third, first, and second place finish. It was a great experience and hopping on top of that podium definitely fueled my fire for this upcoming competition season.

*Photo Credit: Rodridgo Ortiz, FUNning, Julianne McDorman*