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50,000 Blog Views and a New Year

256201_378950472172056_33601432_o2014 is here and I am so excited for what it has in store. This past year has been a great one for me as a father, coach, and athlete. I have my sights set on accomplishing big things in this coming year and I can’t wait to see the hard work put to the test. As 2013 came to an end this blog hit a great milestone, surpassing 50,000 views! I started this blog in 2011 shortly after my experience at the CrossFit Games. I have always seen it as important to share as much as I can, to contribute to the CrossFit community and to give some insight into my journey as an athlete. In the coming year I plan on keeping the posts up and sharing as much as I can about my training and knowledge in CrossFit.
My top blog post of the year turned out to be my Deadlift Throwback post where I showed a one rep max deadlift from 2007 (355#) along with my recent progress and numbers on the lift. It hit 3,295 views on the day it posted! I have a lot more in store so follow my blog and check it regularly, because 2014 promises to be the year of the BUTTER! I am ramping up my training and some big competitions are coming quick, time to spread that butter!

#flashbackfriday to the 2011 OC Throwdown!

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I have competed in the OC Throwdown every year since 2011, and with the 2014 Throwdown coming quick I am flashing back to my third place finish in 2011! The 2011 OC Throwdown was part of a great year for me as I also placed 3rd at the SoCal regionals, sending me to my 3rd CrossFit Games. The SoCal competition is local for me and has taken off and grown every year since then. It is always a great experience getting to compete alongside elites from around the country midway through the training season. I’m extremely happy with where I am at this year as I refocused my training to build my strengths and attack weaknesses. I’ve gone back to my roots working with my brother Jonathan Kinnick again, rebuilding my program and making big changes to my approach. The throwdown will be a good test and a great way to get a feel for my progress thus far.

Be sure to come out and watch me spread some BUTTER at this years competition, January 11th & 12th!

Rebel Rising Competition with Kenneth Leverich

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Last month I had the great opportunity to compete with my friend and SoCal beast Kenneth Leverich at the Rebel Rising Partner Competition. I got the invite and jumped at the chance to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital while getting to throwdown with some top SoCal athletes! The competition was a great event for the community and a unique format with a single division for same sex or co-ed partners. Red Wolf CrossFit hosted the event, they wanted to showcase the athletes and affiliates who are competing with emphasis on “Quality” over “Quantity” and giving back to the community. I was humbled to be invited and the competition couldn’t have gone better! Kenny and I came out on top after the 3 events,  it was a close finish with my friends Jon Pera/David Millar coming in second and Reid Worthington/Aaron Gardner rounding out the top 3. The workouts were challenging and the finishes were close, in the end Kenny and I pulled off a third, first, and second place finish. It was a great experience and hopping on top of that podium definitely fueled my fire for this upcoming competition season.

*Photo Credit: Rodridgo Ortiz, FUNning, Julianne McDorman*

Representing #kinnickbutter at Battle of the Boxes in Monterey, Mexico!

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Recently I had the awesome opportunity to bring the Kinnick Butter to Monterey Mexico at a competition inspired by CrossFit Kinnick’s own Battle of the Boxes. The CrossFit community is growing rapidly in Mexico and Latin America and I was honored to be invited as a special guest! The team competition was sold out and held in a huge indoor facility normally used for soccer and arena football. Energy was high and it was a great time getting to judge some heats, push some of the competitors through the workouts, and meet so many new faces. Much butter was spread and I am looking forward to returning in the future for more Battles! Huge thanks to my hosts and the CrossFit community in Monterey for being so welcoming!

#kinnickbutternation is Headed to Costa Rica!

     December 7-8, 2013 the butter is going international…I am very excited about an opportunity that has come my way to share my passion for CrossFit with the CrossFit Kreios community in San José, Costa Rica! We will be running the #kinnickbutternation Training Camp, a two day course covering a broad range of topics that apply to everyone from top level competitors to the new CrossFitter. The topics include: daily and competition-focused nutrition, supplements, advanced movements (butterfly pull ups, muscle ups, etc.), olympic and power lifting technique, and more! The CrossFit community in Latin America is taking off and I can’t wait to share my experience and knowledge in the beautiful country of Costa Rica!
     Throughout my 6+ years of CrossFit I have gained a lot of experience through my own development as an athlete and through the development of my members at CrossFit Kinnick. I feel our gym is really unique in that we have very few members who started out as great athletes. Even I started CrossFit de-conditioned, overweight, and far from healthy. My initial goals were not to make the CrossFit games, but to just gain control of my fitness and health. My passion for CrossFit and the sport took off from there and I have since worked nonstop to reach my goals, resulting in my competing in 4 CrossFit Games (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012). I am the only male athlete in SoCal to have reached the games 4 times as an individual. I have learned just as much from developing my athletes at CrossFit Kinnick, where again, we have very few “natural athletes,” but we know what it takes to reach top ranks in competitions; over the years we have had a masters athlete (John Allaire) compete at the 2010 games and finish 8th overall, and our affiliate team has competed at the games in 2009 and at regionals every year since then, including a 4th place finish at the 2013 SoCal regionals, just missing a trip to the games. I also have gained great experience programming for myself, my gym, and for athletes around the world including Iceland, South America, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and all over the US. This includes 2013 games athlete Jeremy Herider (masters 40-44, 12th place overall), and 2013 games affiliate team CrossFit Stodin (17th place overall) as they prepared for the games  All in all I am really looking forward to meeting everyone at CrossFit Kreios and sharing my passion for CrossFit.
     I am readily available to put on the #kinnickbutternation Training Camp for those interested, if you want to have the #kinnickbutternation come to your box please contact me at jeremy@crossfitkinnick.com! I would love to share my experiences and spread butter with as much of the CrossFit community as I can reach!