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CrossFit Kinnick Masters Athletes Spreading BUTTER!

The 2014 Open was the best yet for CrossFit Kinnick and not just because of individual and team placings. Our masters athletes also had impressive finishes and I couldn’t be prouder of them! This year brought some seriously challenging events and it was so inspiring to see our masters athletes step up and push themselves to new heights. I’d like to highlight 4 athletes for their placing in the Open and the Masters Qualifiers that the top 200 in each age category were invited to complete.

John Allaire


John completed the CrossFit Games Open in 118th place worldwide in the 55-59 Division. He then crushed the Master’s Qualifiers and bumped all the way up to 34th place worldwide! His 257# clean was good enough to get him 5th in the world on workout #1 and his time of 3:45 put him in 3rd in the WORLD on workout #2! John has been a long time member at CrossFit Kinnick and he is a veteran competitor having competing at the CrossFit Games level. He was so close to moving on this year and his continued hard work and dedication to be better is contagious. Thank you for representing the CrossFit Kinnick name so well and leading the way for all of us!

Teri Cappuccio


Teri competed in the Masters Women 60+ Division and finished the Open in 87th place worldwide! Teri is a fighter and her top Open finish was 14.2 where her score was 60th in the world. Her overall finish in the Open moved her to the next stage but she did not complete the Masters Qualifier workouts.  We are so proud of how far Teri has come and seeing her give her absolute best efforts in the Open was amazing!

Tamara Friday


Tamara absolutely crushed it this year and finished the Open in 36th place worldwide in the 55-59 Division. After the Master’s Qualifiers she ended up in 29th place worldwide! She was just out of the top 20 that move on to the CrossFit Games! She had a 12th place finish in the WORLD on workout #2. We are so very proud of your accomplishments and know you are just getting started! Tamara is a model of consistency and has an incredibly positive attitude. We are looking forward to seeing her compete more in the future!

Patty Kinnick

1621699_740210976030466_6013671204402114195_nLast but certainly not least…my mom Patty Kinnick. She completed the Crossfit Games Open in 59th place worldwide in the 60+ Division. She just finished the Master’s Qualifiers in 46th place worldwide! With a 29th place finish in the WORLD on workout #2. It is hard to describe how awesome it was to me to see her complete the Open and perform beyond what she ever thought she could do. She was very nervous to compete but I am so glad she did because she ended up inspiring me and all of CrossFit Kinnick! I could not be prouder of her and the example she sets for all of us. Thank you for leading the way and always giving it your all! We love you mom!

CrossFit Kinnick is Sending Two Teams to Regionals!

At CrossFit Kinnick we pride ourselves in helping people see themselves as athletes and pushing them to chase after their potential. Over the years I have seen so many of our athletes progress and I think our gym is pretty unique in that our best competitors were far from top level when they came through our doors. Next to none of them have any real athletic background as far as college sports or prior experience in strength and conditioning. Many were even overweight and deconditioned (including myself when I started CrossFit). For those without that prior training, every bit of fitness they have was all achieved through CrossFit. Constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity. The difference maker at our box is that we don’t write anyone off as not having the ability to achieve great things with their fitness and we get really fired up to help everyday people become fitter than they ever thought possible. Anyone can become a competitor for CrossFit Kinnick with commitment and dedication.

This year we were able to qualify two teams for the 2014 CrossFit Games SoCal Regional and it is a great accomplishment for us to not just qualify a team with our strongest athletes who train heavily for competition, but to qualify another team was truly a representation of the abilities that all of our CrossFit Kinnick athletes have. Team Kinnick Butter (only represented by our top 4 men and women, check the roster here) finished tied for 2nd in a stacked SoCal region and 8th worldwide. Team Kinnick was made up of our other 89 athletes participating in the Open and they were able to qualify in 30th place in SoCal, earning an invite to regionals as well! I am so proud of the CrossFit Kinnick community and of the 4 men and 4 women that we are sending to represent Team Kinnick at the Socal Regional:

Andrew Perry

Jason Kinnick

Chris Hapner

Brian Ciaglia

Sariah Veirs

Claudia Morel

Natalie Hendricks

I-Esha Scott

The SoCal Regional is coming quick and we are all hard at work getting ready to spread more BUTTER than ever! Stay tuned!


Why I am Going Team


Since announcing that I am going to compete with Team Kinnick Butter this year at the 2014 SoCal Regionals I have received a lot questions, most of which look like this: “Jeremy, why are you going team? You just had your best performance ever in the Open. What happened?”

First, I want to clarify a few things. I do not see it as taking a step back or going with “Plan B.”  No, I am not hurt. I do not think I am too old.  I do not think I am not good enough. I do not see my region as too tough to win. In fact, I will go into Regionals as the best I have ever been.  

With that being true, the decision was tough because of my history competing as an individual and the goals I have for myself as a CrossFit athlete. In a recent blog I wrote about my year last year and the let down and so on (read the full blog here). I have bounced back from that, but with all the changes I have made this year I found that what it came down to is its just not all about me. I completely changed my focus this year to a bigger emphasis on others rather than just myself. What made the decision for me was the opportunity I have to lead my team to the Games. I would get to compete along side my wife and friends and I feel like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity where we have a close and amazingly strong group of athletes all focused on one thing: winning the Games.  How freaking cool is it to be able to lead your wife and compete alongside her at the FREAKING CROSSFIT GAMES! Just the thought of it makes me wanna do a back tuck :-).  To be able to give the whole team and my wife this gift would be the most fulfilling thing I could possibly think of doing and it will be huge for our entire community at CrossFit Kinnick.


That being said you are probably still thinking, “Hey thats cool Jeremy, but what about next year?”  Well, I am glad you asked.  My brother Jonathan (my co-coach along with me) and I have discussed this often and it has been in the back of my mind for most of the past eight months. This year my eyes are on winning Regionals and the Games with Team Kinnick Butter.  We want to show the world what the #kinnickbutter is all about.  Beyond that, we have already set our sights on my preparation to win Regionals in 2015 and claim a spot on the Podium at the Games as an individual.  Lofty goals?  Yes, and I am ok with that.  We have learned a lot about me this past year and figured out how to get me to be at my best. I was able put up my best ever performance during the Open despite the final three weeks being thrown off with a back injury and stomach flu.  All in all, I basically missed three weeks of training during the Open and still placed 42nd in the World.  I have so much left to accomplish.  The gains that I have made this past year have blown my mind and I am very excited to see myself improve through Regionals, the Games, and into next year.  My bro and I talk about it all that time.  How I still suck at CrossFit.  We see all of my holes.  But something we have seen this year is that those holes are being filled in.  Its going to be a great year!  The year of the BUTTER!

2014 Open Recap

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The 2014 CrossFit Games Open was one to remember for myself and my top athletes. I had my best ever finish in the Open and not just for my region (6th place in Socal), but worldwide I finished 42nd! In the past I have always seen the Open as just a stepping stone to regionals and focused more on preparing for the next stage rather than truly challenging myself with the Open workouts. I realized that I was using that as an excuse to not go all out or see what I was capable of and going into this years Open I decided to attack every workout with everything I had.

I wanted to start strong and 14.1 was solid for me; 397 reps earned me 13th place in SoCal. Then 14.2’s combination of chest to bar pull-ups and overhead squats brought my best performance in the Open ever; 346 reps was 10th best in the world (2nd in SoCal)! I could not have been more fired up. Then heading into 14.3 things got a little off track. Prior to the workout even being announced I hurt my back/hamstring and was having trouble even bending over. I took some extra rest days and managed to recover enough to get through 14.3’s high volume deadlifts. I played the workout safe until I got to the 315# deadlifts where I finished with 24 reps at the weight (154 reps overall, 30th in SoCal). At full strength that workout is a fantastic one for me but I was happy with my score considering my injury and lack of training leading into it. Going into the fourth week of the Open I was again taking it easy to heal up my back, so I went into 14.4 having only worked out the prior Saturday for 14.3. I was able to pull off a solid performance and get 31 calories into round 2 (231 reps overall, 17th in SoCal). Heading into the final week of the Open my back was feeling much better. Then I was lucky enough to come down with a stomach bug and once again I was forced to rest all the way up to performing 14.5 on Saturday. Despite the setbacks I am really happy that I went into this year with a different mindset and I pushed to my limits for those scores.

We also knew that this year would be a great one for CrossFit Kinnick and our athletes did not disappoint…Team Kinnick Butter brought the heat and we had 5 additional athletes land in the top 40 in Socal:

  • Nick Robles – 35th place, SoCal Individual Men
  • Elyse Persico – 9th place, SoCal Individual Women
  • Melody Sanchez – 25th place, SoCal Individual Women
  • Christine Navarro – 27th place, SoCal Individual Women
  • Giermaine Kinnick – 36th place, SoCal Individual Women

My training partner, Nick Robles, qualified for the first time as an individual in the SoCal region. This was huge for him after taking a month off of training this past fall due to an injury. He has been hard at work alongside me making his comeback and it was great to see him crush it and go hard!

The ladies of Kinnick Butter absolutely crushed it with all four of them qualifying individually. They put out some truly impressive performances and seeing them come into their own this year was amazing. Elyse Persico put up the 9th best score in the WORLD on 14.2 (334 reps) and is a force to be reckoned with. Melody Sanchez had two Open finishes in the top 10 for SoCal (6th on 14.2 and 4th on 14.4). Christine Navarro was extremely consistent all the way across the board and it has been great seeing her become so well rounded. My wife, Giermaine Kinnick has made such incredible progress in a year and I am so proud to see her achieve the things she has. Not only did she improve her overall placing by 63 spots from last year to this one, she got her first ever muscle ups in a CrossFit competition during 14.4. This has been something she has worked for all year and I love seeing her drive and determination pay off. I cannot wait to see her crush it on the team at regionals!

The butter doesn’t stop spreading there though…CrossFit Kinnick is looking to field two teams this year at the SoCal Regional and Team Kinnick has a chance to qualify after the leaderboard reshuffles when the top 48 decide whether to compete as an individual or on their team! What a year! The fun has just begun…stay tuned because the #kinnickbutternation is ready to do big things this year!

Greg Glassman on Nutrition and Performance (2007)

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 7.34.23 AM

“And that’s why I say you won’t get there by luck. None of our people that just ‘paleo’ things, (meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruits, little starch, no sugar), none of those people have been top performers. All of my top performers have been weigh-and-measure folks.” -Coach Glassman, 2007.

It’s 2014, and this is still truer than ever with the athletes at my gym.