What are you doing today to get better for tomorrow?

You should always think of a way to get better tomorrow by doing something today.  If you wait until tomorrow to do it, you are more likely to do nothing about it.  Yesterday I did 4 max rep sets of box squats to a 14″ box with 375#s.  My sets were 2 reps, 3 reps, 3 reps, and 2 reps.  Then I hit a wod after and some glute ham raises after that.  Topped it off with 3 rounds of 1 minute on 1 minute off of ICE BATH work haha.

I have been struggling through some nagging injuries in my left wrist and in my right achilles but I am not letting it keep me down.  I am just altering my workouts to allow my injuries to heal and recover.  For example today’s workout is supposed to have ohs, split jerk, & hang squat cleans with a 95# bar.  But because of my wrist I can’t do those movements with a barbell.  So I am switching to 45# dumbbells for those 3 movements.  Adapt and improve folks thats the key.  Being injured allows us to work on things we wouldn’t normally work on.  Use these moments to get better rather than get discouraged focusing on what you can’t do rather than what you can do.

Tip of the Day

“Getting stronger is good and important.  Learning to move a heavy load efficiently so you get more work done in less time is better.”  me

Pictured above are just a small handful of the amazing and inspirational people I am honored to train at 6am daily!

From left to right:  Kim, Diane, Lourdes, Tamara, Ash, Chris, Denise, Cory, & Ron.

Q&A: Two Questions…

Pictured above:  Jonathan Kinnick (my younger bro & co-founder of Beyond the Whiteboard & Crossfit Kinnick) is practicing the “Slapping SPEAR” very effectively on my neck.  If you have not been to Tony Blauer‘s “Be Your Own Bodyguard” Seminar, I would strongly recommend looking for one at a Crossfit gym near you and learning his method of using your body’s natural instincts to protect yourself.  This picture is from PDR31 this past weekend at SEALFIT in Encinitas, Ca.  This is the Personal Defense Readiness Instructors Course.



I have two questions: Is sealFit as cool as I think it is? and how does strongman help you? I run a donation-based garage gym, we just got a big donation from running a small online competition and I’m contemplating between two purchases: CFFB cert to increase my coaching skills or a yoke… any suggestions?



Thanks for the questions.  I am not sure how cool you think SealFit is but I would guess that its much cooler than you think!  Beautiful facility just off the beach.  I didn’t get a chance to workout there but it was an awesome place!

The philosophy behind Strongman goes perfectly with Crossfit.  Moving a heavy load using unconventional objects.  Strongman is a lot about grip strength but also getting your body used to heavy loads on your body or in your hands.  It has taught me to be able to cope and deal with suffering under heavy weight.  The Yoke has been a huge staple in my training since before the Open, Regionals, and Games.  Whether its Yoke walks or Zercher carries.  If you have never done the Zercher Carries I suggest you experience that.  I love them.  The stones are amazing as well teaching you to move an odd object.  We just recently got the Farmer Handles and those have been BRUTAL.  Grip strength has been a weakness of mine but with all the work with the Stones and now with the Farmer Handles I think its making a big difference.  You can also use the Farmer Handles for a Fat bar deadlift.  I could go on and on about how its all helped me but I think that gives you the jist of it.

Now this last question is a tough one.  I have never been to a CFFB cert but I am a huge fan of increasing your skill set.  But the yoke is SO amazing.  It all depends on your goals really.  The yoke is only one piece of equipment where as the CFFB could help with ideas on programming and coaching.  But if I had to choose I would pick the Yoke and learn to suffer under that thing!

Hope I answered your questions for you Steven.  Thanks again.

Ask Jeremy #3

I have been asked again to open up the floor for questions this week. I am here to help and answer anything you throw at me to the best of my ability. I have been a part of the CrossFit Community since mid 2007 and have lots of experience to share.

Currently I am down at Tony Blauer’s S.P.E.A.R. PDR (personal defense readiness) Instructor Course in beautiful Encinitas California being held at SealFit. If you have questions about that I would love to share how the SPEAR SYSTEM has taught me to use my natural weapons and tap into my genetically wired self defense system that we all possess. Now I am learning to teach it to others. A by product of learning how to be my own bodyguard has been the transference of the mindset to my daily life and to my Crossfit life as a coach and a Games athlete.

I have also started helping Rob Orlando on the new Crossfit Strongman Cert. If you have questions on how Strongman has helped me and how it can be easily implemented as an additional modality please let me know.

I am looking to some amazing questions! Thanks folk for tuning in.

Q&A: How did you get where you are?

                                                                                                          Photograph by Mary Siani Photography @ 2011 Reebok Crossfit Games

Before Crossfit November 2006 weighing around 235#s



Your blog is so sick bro! I’ve found a lot of helpful tips and great motivation through your posts. My question to you is how did u do it? I have seen your before and after pictures and I see that you have achieved great results and have became a great crossfit athlete. How do I follow your steps? I am a college student and I hope to qualify for the games one day in the future. What can I focus on to one day get to where you are at? How do I get deeply involved in the crossfit community to learn from the best in every modality? I just want to learn and get better everyday. Thanks man and i’ll really appreciate it if you take time to answer this.




Thanks for the question bro!  I love answering this one. 🙂

How did I do it?  One day at a time bro.  Seriously.  It all started with just doing it.  Taking it one day after the other.  Not looking for anything amazing or special just trying to lose weight and get fit & healthy.  No more no less.  The lifestyle I was living wasn’t a healthy one.  I wasn’t exercising or eating right.  I didn’t take care of myself but more importantly I really had no clue how to take care of myself.  When my bro asked if him and his friends could start working out in my garage I just wanted to get back in shape.  I had no expectations of achieving anything more than just not being fat and unhealthy.  In fact, at that time the Crossfit Games didn’t exist.  Lucky for me Crossfit is the greatest thing in the world and actually works so I saw amazing results.

That first year of Crossfit was pretty inconsistent.  We were very new to it and it hadn’t really become an obsession yet.  I struggled at everything and my brother and his friends beat me a lot at first.  I got tired of that pretty quickly and slowly started pushing myself.  My wife and I started doing the Zone but again we weren’t that consistent.  I did, however, lose a bunch of weight, which made bodyweight movements much easier.  I slowly became more consistent as the year went on.  My first FRAN was rx’d out of a rack and took 17:22.  But a month later I crushed that PR with a sub 9 minute effort.  We were so new to all the movements that it took so much longer to learn them-like the olympic lifts, power lifts, and technical stuff like double unders & muscle ups.  We affiliated in November of 2007 but I had nothing to do with training anyone.  I helped our friends and family out when I worked out but nothing more than that.  We used to workout late at night around 9pm-11pm in the garage with yelling and screaming and groaning.  We didn’t play any music for some reason though.  I am pretty sure my neighbors hated me but were afraid of us so they never said anything.  By the time the end of the year rolled around we started thinking about getting a box and I started thinking about getting Level 1 certified.

The 2008 Games are nearing and we all wanted to go but my wife was 8 months pregnant and we weren’t very good.  But anyone who signed up could go and compete so a large group from the gym decided to head up.  I wasn’t one of those people planning on going for a bunch of reasons.  Wife was 8 months pregnant, we were broke so we had no money for a hotel room, etc.  The night before my brother, Jonathan, somehow convinced my wife that she should come and sit in the back of a Motorhome for 9 hours to get to Aromas, Ca and watch us all compete in the dirt and heat of the 2008 Crossfit Games.  Haha I still have no clue how that happened.  So we packed up and we were off.  I owe all my success to my bro for being my sugar daddy and always taking care of me and always making sure I have what I need to prepare myself for competition, my wife for being more supportive that humanly possible, and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me with my ability to suffer and endure more pain than people are supposed endure.

We had no idea what we were getting into when we went to the 2008 CF Games.  It was one of the biggest life changing moments and has directed me to the point I am at today.  Being around all those athletes that I had learned from and seen in videos and getting obliterated by them.  It sparked something in me that I didn’t know existed.  I told myself and my bro that if I got serious about my nutrition and worked hard I could beat those guys.  The rest well, as they say is history.  I took everything serious from that moment on.

The key to my success has always been the basics.  Focusing on RANGE OF MOTION & TECHNIQUE.  Not rushing to get a good time or to pick up heavy weight.  Spending time learning the movements and being smart about it.  I have never been the best at anything.  But I have always been pretty darn good at practically everything.  That has stayed true with my Crossfit Career.  I am not the strongest or fastest or most skilled athlete but I work on what I struggle with and work very hard.  I am honest with myself and with what I need work on.  My secret is nutrition.  I believe that everything that I do matters.  I never cheat or cut a rep short.  I have always held myself to a higher standard than others.  I am willing and ready to suffer and endure day in and day out.  You must come to terms with that.  Be a student of the sport.  Read and re-read the crossfit journal articles.  Watch the videos over and over and over again.  Understand whats important.  Be efficient with your movement.  Tap into your fear and anger and use it.  Get crazy and yell when it hurts but don’t stop.  When you dry heave just keep going.  Teach your body that your mind is in control and you will keep going.  This doesn’t happen overnight but slowly implement this and be sure to REST.  I workout 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off.  Thats been my schedule for 90% of my Crossfit career.  If I’m destroyed I will rest or take it easy.  I’ve rarely done multiple workouts in a day.  Just go as hard as you can on your workout and spend time working on skills and technical stuff.  The faster you recover the more you can do and get out of what you do.

The best way to get connected with community is just to get involved in it.  Figure out what you can bring to it and do it.  Get to know and become friends with Crossfitters worldwide.  Volunteer and judge if possible any and all events in your area.  Make Crossfit your life and your passion and others who are like-minded will gravitate to you.  Study the Crossfit Endurance site & videos, Study the Crossfit Gymnastics videos, and all the other free stuff out there.  Contact them with questions and send out videos to them.  Get involved at your local box.  There is so much you can do Juan.  Just have to start doing it.

I really hope I answered your questions Juan.  If you want to know what I have done specifically as far as workouts and extra work over the years visit my Beyond the Whiteboard profile page and you can see every single workout that I have done since starting Crossfit in mid 2007.  I have followed Main Site programming and thinks its a valuable tool for everyone.  Take care bro and get after it!

Before I go though I will go back to what I said at the beginning.  You just have to keep going.  No one becomes amazing at anything overnight or in 3 months.  We all have different backgrounds in athletics and different genetics and so forth.  It has taken me over 4 years of Crossfit to get where I am today and I have busted my butt the whole way.  Sure I have some background in sports with growing up and playing my entire childhood and early adulthood but so have so many others.  The difference is I never stopped moving forward.  Nose down and go bro.  Don’t come up for air for awhile.  Stay focused and get after it.  Don’t worry about the numbers everyone else is putting up.  Just make yourself better everyday.

Pushing the limits of my body and mind…

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