The purpose of this blog is to allow me to express myself and my experiences & knowledge of CrossFit & Nutrition that I have gained through the years of “doing” and training so many athletes of all different levels.  Started CrossFit around March of 2007 and struggled to enjoy it but definitely saw some major improvements as a 235# 30% body fat man.  Being overweight sucked but as I lost weight and felt better I enjoyed CrossFit more.  In my garage we were breaking ground teaching ourselves how to move from videos on the CrossFit.com site.  I learned how to do Kipping Pull ups from watching Nicole’s tutorial then running to my garage and trying, then running back in and back out and so on.  It took me probably an hour or so but I did it!  Now CrossFit is my life.  Competing in my 3rd year of the Games this past year I have seen the amazing growth and been a part of something truly life changing to the world.  I hope through my blogs and insight others can continue or begin the journey to a healthy life.


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