What is EasyWOD?

42044557_765164110481244_4026028980934017024_nThe idea for EasyWOD is something I stumbled upon years ago while on the road and traveling for CF events and courses. It came out of the idea of just wanting to get people moving. The idea that sometimes too much life is going on and we get overwhelmed or stressed or discouraged. So I came up with the idea of EasyWOD because the more important thing is to just get moving. To just get started. Its more challenging to take on a hard or difficult task but its EASY to begin or start a simple short task. Recently, I have been thinking about this idea more and more. So I decided to finally make EasyWOD a reality. I LOVE IT. I have received so much positive feedback! I think it is going to be amazing for so many people. Too busy? Don’t worry just spend 5 minutes and hit the EasyWOD and call it a day. I hope it helps you get moving on days you don’t feel like you have time or days you just need to start. Its even great on days you want to add something short to your daily workouts. ENJOY!!

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