Struggle is Not Optional

Teaching a #kinnickbutternation Seminar at CrossFit Kreios in Costa Rica with Nick Robles.

“Struggle is not optional—it’s neurologically required: in order to get your skill circuit to fire optimally, you must by definition fire the circuit sub optimally; you must make mistakes and pay attention to those mistakes; you must slowly teach your circuit. You must also keep firing that circuit—i.e., practicing—in order to keep myelin functioning properly. After all, myelin is living tissue.” 

― Daniel CoyleThe Talent Code: Unlocking the Secret of Skill in Sports, Art, Music, Math, and Just About Everything Else

Struggle is REQUIRED.  Another incredible book that I highly recommend.  Slow down.  Practice deliberately and repeatedly.  Seek out things that challenge you and continue to work on them.  Rather than wanting it to get easy.  We NEED the challenge to gradually and continually increase in order for us to continue to grow.  Myelin is a living tissue.  I LOVE THIS!

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