Thank You…

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Thank you to everyone who supported me and encouraged me this past year. It was definitely a rebuilding year and I completely surpassed where I planned to be come the Open and Regionals. I cannot thank my wife, Giermaine Kinnick, and boys enough for their unconditional love on my good and bad days. Especially my bad ones. I cannot thank my brothers, sisters, and mom enough for putting up with me and always having my back no matter what. I cannot thank my little brother, Jonathan Kinnick, enough for keeping me focused and making me the athlete I am today. I cannot thank my training partner, Nick Robles, enough for busting his BUTT all year and putting up with me being grumpy at times. I cannot thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ enough for what He did for me on the cross. This was not at all part of my plan but it was part of my Lords plan and I trust Him completely.
I am still at a loss for words about the outcome this past weekend but I wanted to make sure I thanked everyone. To everyone who sent me emails, text messages, FB messages, words of encouragement, prayer, and support I wish I could possibly repay you for that. To everyone at CrossFit Kinnick, I love you all! Thank you for celebrating with me and crying with me. You mean the world to me. To my team, what can I say that I have not already said? Things just didn’t go our way, but we battled and fought hard to get back. Apparently the Lord had other plans for us this year. CrossFit has never been about the Games for me. It has always been about becoming the best I can possibly be and then some. To be healthier and stronger for my family. To be an example for my wife, my boys, my family, and all of the members at my gym as well as everyone I come in contact with. This is the platform that the Lord has blessed me with to do His work and I will do it to the best of my ability. To say that I am crushed would be an understatement. But I will not be broken. Nor will I slow down. Nor will I stop. I have only just begun. I will continue to do what I have done for the past 7 years. This is what I love. This is what I do. If there is one thing I am good at it is being persistent. Day in and day out I will continue to work as hard and smart as I can. The road to The CrossFit Games never stopped and neither have I. I have high hopes for this year and expect big things. This old man is just getting started! The butter will continue to be spread! #kinnickbutternation

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