Recovering from Last Year…


After a very disappointing finish in the 2013 Open & SoCal Regionals I felt burned out and a little confused. What was wrong with me?  I trained as much as I could.  Heck, I trained more than I ever thought possible.  I went 2 weeks or more without resting.  I hit multiple workouts daily, plus strength portions, endurance efforts, and skill work.  All I did was workout.  I went to get ART work done once a week for the entire year.  I mobilized constantly.  I ate perfectly and upped my intake to give my body more fuel.  I did everything my coach said to do.  I followed the plan.  It left me wondering how I could possibly fail.  It felt like more than just falling short of my goals. It felt like I failed to perform at my full capabilities. All the work I put it didn’t amount to much.  I wasn’t better than I was the year before.  If anything, I was worse.  It left me wondering if I truly wanted to continue competing at the top levels in CrossFit.  I was doubting all the sacrifices I was putting in.  I was giving up precious time with my wife, my boys, and sacrificing everything else in my life to be the best.  I understand sometimes you have to do things like this when pursuing great things.  But the strain it was having on every aspect of my life was not something I was willing to continue with.  I didn’t know what to do…


Flash forward one year.  I am sitting in the top 50 worldwide in the 2014 CrossFit Games Open after week 4.  I finished 10th in the world on 14.3.  I have never felt better in my life.  What changed?!  How did I get here after such a disappointing year?

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