Effort is Crucial

Battling through “The 100s” event at the 2013 SoCal Regional.

Something I have been thinking about a lot lately is the importance of effort in CrossFit and how crucial it is to reaching and surpassing goals. High intensity is a pillar of the CrossFit program, but where does that intensity come from? It’s not from some magic rep scheme or movement combination, it is from the effort of the person doing the work. If you have already committed yourself to the process and established some consistency, then putting in your best effort every chance you get is a huge part of finding success. What I have come across before with my members and competitive athletes is a tendency to let the scores we put next to the workout define their efforts. It is not how fast you go. It is how hard you push. Some days you are going to have enough in the tank to perform to the best of your abilities. Other days there are countless factors that might slow you down a little bit. People go wrong by choosing to let that drag them down and they don’t give it everything they have in fear of coming up short. I have seen constant improvement by continually challenging myself and pushing my limits, not by worrying about the numbers on the whiteboard or the accomplishments of others. By trying hard and pushing yourself every time you step into gym, get under the barbell, or hear that 3-2-1-GO…you will overcome.  Keep spreading that Kinnick Butter!

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