Squat Clean Progress: 2012 CrossFit Games and Now

The Olympic Lifts are some of my favorite movements in CrossFit because they are so challenging, physically and mentally. Having started CrossFit in 2007, my initial exposure to the lifts was purely through trail and error as my brother Jonathan and I worked through how to perform and coach the movements properly. I watched hours upon hours of YouTube videos and experimented with techniques and positions that were all brand new to me. Throughout the years I’ve had different focuses in my training that have allowed me to develop as a well rounded CrossFit athlete. I feel that things are really coming together as the huge time and effort I have put into developing a solid strength foundation has allowed me to focus on honing in and really developing my technique for the Clean & Jerk and Snatch.

My progress with the Squat Clean has come a long way. Leading up to the 2012 CrossFit Games I PR’d the lift with 315#:

This was huge for me and with the Squat Clean ladder event slated to go down at the games I was fired up to push my limits and make it well into the ladder. Unfortunately the event didn’t go as planned. The weights started at 245# and went up by 10# all the way to 385#, but I missed the 285# bar. Well below what I know I was capable of. It was a frustrating moment for me but the pressures of competition happen. My progress since then though has been amazing, some of the numbers I have hit include:

345# Hang Squat Clean

335# Hang Power Clean

350# Squat Clean

Here is the video for my best clean thus far from September 2013, and I’ve got more in the tank! My technique and strength are only going up, big things are coming!

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