NLI Battleground III Competition

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This year I have competed more often than in the past, most recently in the December 14th NLI Battleground III competition. The NLI is a SoCal competition series that I have participated in numerous times and at this event I was able to hop on the podium with a solid third place finish. I’m happy with the performance especially in the Snatch ladder event. The lifts started at 165# and went up to 235#. I was able to clear the ladder easily to get a first place finish in that event. I felt amazing through the full ladder, I wish they had left me some time at the end of the event to add weight and maybe hit a Snatch PR! The rest of the events went well also, I was especially happy with my 3rd place spot on a max rep deficit handstand push up floater event that in the past would have been tough for me. This year is all about crushing weaknesses and building my strengths. Next up: the 2014 OC Throwdown and Wodapalooza! BUTTER!

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