Q & A with Jeremy!


Part of what I love about CrossFit is being able to give back.  When my brother and I started CrossFitting in my 3-car garage in March of 2007, CrossFit was still very new and the first CrossFit Games had yet to take place.  My reason for starting CrossFit had nothing do with competition or the Games.  I started to lose weight, feel better, and enjoy life.  Since we started when we did, and because of the success we have had, it has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to give back to the CrossFit community. I want to share my experience with as many people as I can.

Like I have done in the past, I would like to open myself up for questions.  I am an open book and welcome any and all questions. Feel free to ask questions about coaching athletes, the #kinnickbutternation, how to spread butter in life and CrossFit, my background, my training, competition experience, and anything in between! I will do everything I can to answer questions to the best of my ability.  Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.  Helping people change their lives in the same manner that I have is such a blessing and honor.

*Photograph courtesy of RX Magazine, taken by Paul A. Smith

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