Thoughts on “Battle of the Boxes”

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CrossFit Kinnick’s competition series “Battle of the Boxes” has become one of the most established team competitions in SoCal and this past edition was no exception. The UNKNOWN Edition was our 5th BOTB and a great way to keep the competitors on their toes. The workouts were not released until 1 week prior to the competition. Movement lists were released prior but with no indication of loads or format for workouts. The events that came up were a 2 rep max thruster, max rep burpee box jump overs, and a 100s style team chipper with pull ups, dumbbell snatch, and weighted lunges. Intermediate winners were: CrossFit La Verne (1st), CrossFit Rancho Cucamonga (2nd), CrossFit Kinnick (3rd). Advanced winners were: CrossFit Kinnick (1st), CrossFit Temporary Insanity (2nd), CrossFit High Voltage (3rd). The prizes this go around were jam packed thanks to our generous sponsors, we had items from Perfect Foods Bars, 3Fu3l, Stronger Faster Healthier, Fitmark Bags, Gym Rat Wrist Wraps, and equipment prizes from Rogue Fitness.

In 2011 we saw the need in the CrossFit community for a great team competition and we have been running Battle of the Boxes ever since. As an affiliate we have been involved with the CrossFit Games every year since 2008 and we have really focused on gaining the experience necessary to program great competitions. Team competition as an amazing way for CrossFitters to get their feet wet in competitive CrossFit, as well as a way for top athletes to compete together without having a huge effect on their training program. All day or multiple day events with excessive volume take significant time to recover from. In the scope of a full year of training this can really throw off a strength or endurance cycle. Our half-day events, with challenging but well rounded tests, are great for keeping that competition fire fresh without derailing training programs. The affiliate team format is also ideal for first time competitors. We have seen examples in our own gym time and time again where our members come together to compete for the first time and have a huge boost to their motivation and passion for CrossFit.

I have a great time being the MC for the event and seeing so many of my own members push themselves to new levels. We take pride in truly developing all of our members to reach their full potential and having our own competition series is an amazing way to showcase their progress and abilities. It’s also a great chance for us to bring together local gyms and host an event that is great for the CrossFit community. All the volunteers and judges are members at our gym and everyone puts a lot of effort into putting on a legit competition and giving back to the community. We love providing the venue and environment for everyone to cheer on their teams who are laying it all out for the competition.

2014 promises to be an exciting one for Battle of the Boxes and we can’t wait to host another 4 editions in the coming months! Previously we have announced the competitions a month out, but this December we plan to announce the entire year’s competition schedule. This will allow teams to plan ahead, find teams, and train for the Battle! We can’t wait to see even more participation, new events, and new competitors! Stay on the lookout for the 2014 competition schedule and keep training hard!

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