BUTTER-FLY Kipping Pull up Tutorial

If you haven’t heard it before I am known for my reference to all things BUTTER. Its not because I am a huge fan of BUTTER per say but rather because I like to change the mindset of things that are tough or challenging and call them BUTTER or essentially say they are easy like BUTTER. This has morphed and evolved into an very rare and special form of BUTTER known as KINNICKBUTTER which then when added to a large group of Crossfitters has turned into the #kinnickbutternation…please pass the BUTTER!! So naturally one of my best or favorite movements is the Butterfly pull up and coincidentally I have created a different and what I believe to be a more effective approach to learning the Butterfly Pull up. When done properly and based on the pre-requisites that I set forth in the video is a very safe and effective way to get more work done in less time.  Some of you may have seen this video but I thought with the OPEN only a couple days away you might as well get started learning and then mastering the Butterfly kipping pull up because we all know there will be pull ups in the OPEN!  After watching the video and immediately learning the Butterfly kipping pull up please post up your video with your new PR.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Enjoy!  And make sure you all sign up for the OPEN!  www.games.crossfit.com

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