Michelle Carrasco – “You Have To Want It”

August 2012
Above: August 2012 – Below: February 22, 2013

February 22, 2013
































“Hey… My name is Michelle Carrasco and I’m 21 years old. Since I can remember I’ve always
been overweight: from elementary school to high school. My sophomore year in high school I
made a change to be healthier and lose some weight. I managed to lose 40 pounds and I was
comfortable. I wasn’t the happiest but I was okay. I still had that voice in my head telling
me “you’re still the fat girl.” I don’t think it ever went away actually. After I graduated high
school in 2009, I started letting myself go. I got a full time job and went to college full time. I
was eating fast food religiously and got lazy to get a workout in. I was making excuses for
myself… “I’ll just start next Monday.” “One bad meal won’t hurt.” “I’m too tired to work
out.”… These were many of my excuses. I tried all the “diets” out there. I tried weight watchers,
failed. I did weight loss pills, they worked for a 15 pound weight loss then I would gain it back
within a week. I did no carbs and sugars for a month then binged and gained it all back. I even
tried nutri system and failed. I felt like such a failure. I turned to food for my comfort. Going
through drive thrus and eating in my car so no one would see me. I always was wearing black
clothes because supposedly it made you look thinner, lol. I always wore a jacket as if that would
cover my body too. I would just look at myself in the mirror and I would feel so disappointed in
myself. There were times I would just cry. I was not happy for a very long time. I was just
breezing through life and not living my youth. I would see my friends go out on the weekends
and made excuses to not go out with them. I didn’t want to get dressed up because I did not
feel pretty, let alone have any clothes to wear out. I got introduced to CrossFit a couple years
ago but I wasn’t fully committed because I found an excuse for it. “I was just too busy with
work and school.” I would go to the box and get a workout in but then eat garbage! My weight
didn’t go down. As a matter of fact from January 2012 – August 2012 I managed to pack on
50lbs from eating out EVERYDAY! I remember watching YouTube videos of people’s CrossFit
and weight loss transformation videos and saying I want to be that person. I am going to be
that person. I remember the day, clearly, when I wanted to change my life. It was sometime in
October 2012, the day I saw pictures from my brother’s wedding in August 2012. I couldn’t
believe how big I was. I cried for hours! Something had to change! I reached out to Jeremy to
reactivate my CrossFit membership again in November 2012. Since then, I’ve been sticking to a
STRICT Paleo lifestyle and I CrossFit 5+ days a week now. Today is February 25, 2013 and I’ve
managed to lose 64lbs so far in a matter of 3 1/2 months. My whole outlook on life has made a
360 degree turn. I am beyond happy again and it shows. I am only halfway to my “goal weight.”
I am very observant of what I am feeding my body. It is crazy seeing my body change week after
week and to see myself improving at the box. I’m running again and I’m lifting too. I’ve
motivated so many of my friends and myself every day. I never thought I would be that girl
motivating people to lose weight and get healthy when just 3 months ago I was that person
looking for an inspiration. YOU are your own inspiration and motivation. YOU have to want it
and YOU have to work for it. It isn’t easy but it is worth it. I find myself getting mad at myself
for missing a workout now, lol. I never have a “cheat meal.” I don’t find it worth it to trash my

body after fueling it with healthy food. I’m beyond dedicated to this lifestyle change. I want to
share with everyone that anything is possible if you put the effort into it. Thanks Jeremy for
believing in me, thanks to all the CrossFit Kinnick Trainers for all your help and the extra push
and to the amazing people at CFK I have met for the support and encouragement. And most
importantly, myself for believing I can do it. I’m halfway there… I am NEVER turning back into
that girl that was just coasting thru life and not living.”

I really don’t know what to say after reading that. Michelle is such a wonderful person to have at the box. She is always smiling and doing her best. So happy and proud of her for all that she has done and all that she will continue to do! This is just the beginning. Mark my words she will be crushing kipping pull ups in no time! NO LIMITS Michelle! Thank you so much for sharing those inner thoughts. I know it moved me and brought me to tears thinking about that struggle and relating to the struggles that I have had with weight and eating in the past. Its not easy and you can’t do it until you decide to make a change. Its is your choice and no one else’s. #kinnickbutternation!!

5 thoughts on “Michelle Carrasco – “You Have To Want It””

  1. Wow Michelle! Great story. I love the commitment and dedication you have now. I can feel it in the words you have written. You got my support. That means you might here me screaming in your favor to destroy those wods.

  2. Hey Jeremy, many recent posts about your athletes have been inspiring. Especially Teds maybe because I know him and his story. I like your story too. I have been thinking about signing up with cfk for training and nutrition guidance. Since I live kinda far away I would not be able to train to often per week, but I’d like to discuss training and nutrition with you when you have a moment

    Thanks and God bless

    Louie Sent from my iPhone

  3. Absolutely amazing Michelle. You are such an inspiration to sooo many people. You are a very beautiful girl Shell (as Ashlyn would call you) Love you girlie. Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your story, Michelle. So many people can relate to that very struggle! It IS possible to live a healthy, fit and strong life! Here’s to your continued success! Way to go!!

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