A Real Guy w/ Real Results

Kevin Penner Testimony Pics

Meet #kinnickbutternation athlete, Kevin Penner.  Just a normal 44 year old guy CRUSHING people half his age in the box!  Kevin initially contacted me about programming endurance work for him.  He is a very strong dude but lacked that capacity and he needed some help.  I have known Kevin for years as we are both southern california box owners.  I was happy to work with him and help him reach his goals.  Read below to see what he has to say.

I’ve been CrossFitting for about 6 years. And I’ve been an affiliate owner for 5 of those years.  I’ve always been strong. And endurance training was never my favorite. I’m 44 years old and love to compete. But my strength only got me so far.  Owning/running an affiliate while trying to keep up with my own training began to become an almost impossible task for me. I realized if I wanted to be a better competitor and athlete I needed a coach. Much like my clients.  Since Jeremy has been programing and coaching me I’ve PR’d on almost everything and I’m stronger then I’ve ever been. My main reason for coming to Jeremy was to improve my endurance. Of course I thought with gains in my endurance I would lose some strengths. The opposite has happened. Recently I took 2nd place overall at the NLI Powerlifting Meet in a room full of 20 and 30 year olds. If your thinking you need to up your game or just learn how to balance yourself. Get on board. WORK YOUR WEAKNESS!!!”

Thank so much for the kind words Kevin!  Its been a pleasure working with you and seeing you improve!  Keep up the hard consistent work and you will continue to crush all of your numbers!  If anyone is interested in programming or nutritional advice and would like to join the #kinnickbutternation please shoot me an email Jeremy@Crossfitkinnick.com

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