Ask Jeremy…Did Someone Say BUTTER?

Clean Ladder @ 2012 Reebok Crossfit GamesPart of what I love about Crossfit is being able to give back.  When my brother and I started Crossfitting in my 3-car garage in March of 2007, Crossfit was still very new and the first Crossfit Games had yet to take place.  My reason for starting Crossfit had nothing do with competition or the Games.  It had so much more to do with losing weight, feeling better, and enjoying life.  Since we started when we did and because of the success we have had it has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to give back.  Like I have done in the past I would like to open myself up for questions.  I am an open book and welcome any and all questions.  From what is BUTTER & the #kinnickbutternation to how I balance/juggle my daily responsibilities to how I keep my mind clear under the pressure of competition.  I will do my best to answer all of your questions to the best of my ability.  Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.  To be able to help so many people change their lives in the same manner that I have is such a blessing and honor.

**Thank you Paul A. Smith for capturing such an amazing moment**

2 thoughts on “Ask Jeremy…Did Someone Say BUTTER?”

  1. Hello, actually this was really good timing. I live in Claremont and was looking online at CF locations in the area just yesterday. I’ve never tried CF before, but like a lot of people, I have read up a lot on it and am trying to drum up the courage to make the call. I ran across your website yesterday and liked it very much. Better than the others around here. Since you brought it up in your post today, what is BUTTER and the kinnickbutternation? I’m intrigued. Thank you!

    1. Sevren,

      Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving me with a great question. I get asked that question quite often and it always make me laugh a little on the inside. What it started as and what it has become are very different.

      It all started while lifting heavy just before the 2011 Reebok Crossfit Games Open. When something challenging would come up and I would do it easily I would yell out ‘BUTTER’. It became synonymous with easy. It slowly morphed into me posting things on Facebook saying I crushed a lift or a work out and it was BUTTER! People then started saying spread the BUTTER and the rest is history! Kinnickbutternation comes from our gym and my last name Kinnick. Again that morphed into what is now all of our members plus the athletes I coach and program online. They are the #kinnickbutternation. A nation built around striving to find your potential or capacity. Constantly challenging yourself and moving forward. The #kinnickbutternation is a movement, a way of life. Hope that helps you understand what that means. And I look forward to helping you reach all your healthy & fitness goals. Let me know if you have any questions.

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