Nutrition Guidance – Thriving Through the Holiday’s


Meet Rebecca Chin-Nash.  She is a 40 year old avid Crossfitter, a mother, has a full time job, is a great wife, a runner, & a stud!  She started Crossfit at Crossfit Kinnick on April 1st, 2009.  She moved and ended up leaving Crossfit Kinnick but still manages to balance her busy schedule to make it into another Crossfit box.  She recently contacted me regarding Nutritional Guidance.  It has been a pleasure working with Rebecca and seeing her thrive in her performance, health, and appearance.  Here is what Rebecca had to say about her experience with my meal plan.

“Jeremy’s meals plans have been an essential part of me losing the extra weight that I’ve been carrying around for years and in such a short time that I recommend them to everyone.  Not only have I lost weight and body fat, I feel amazing. I feel stronger, healthier and mentally better about the choices I make with food.  At 40 years old its not as easy to make the changes in your life but with Jeremy’s help its been enjoyable and easy to follow. You’ll even notice how much money you save at the grocery store by eating the right foods.  He’s always there to answer your questions, even if its not the one you want to hear.  He gives it straight and to the point.  You may think its hard to commit but by the third week it’s a breeze and you really do feel incredible.  It’s worth it!”

I want to personally thank Rebecca for sharing her story of success with all of us.  I am very proud of her hard work and consistency.  The key to most things in like is consistency.  With nutrition its about consistently eating the right foods in the proper portions.

I have had a great deal of success, since starting Crossfit, with my nutrition.  Through the years I have tested out many different ideas out there and have always come back to whole clean foods in properly balanced portions.  If you would like some help finishing off the year on your way to reaching your goals or with just dialing in your nutrition for performance, health, & appearance then shoot me an email at and we will discuss some options for getting started with a 30 day custom meal plan. If you have any questions let me know. #kinnickbutternation

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