Nutritional Success!

Meet Brad Reynolds…Father to a wonderful 4 year old daughter, Husband of an incredible wife, Police officer for 11 years, and Crossfit animal!

I started working with Brad around March 26th, 2012.  He approached me seeking advice with nutrition.  Since then I have put together four 30-day meal plans for him geared towards his specific goals of improved health & performance. Below are some before and after pictures of my now good buddy Brad!  So proud of his hard work.  Consistency is the key.  Brad wrote me an awesome testimonial that I wanted to share with everyone.  The awesome part is that he wrote it after only being on the meal plan for 2 weeks!  Since the testimonial he is down a total of 49#s!  He is now at 207#s!  His initial goal was 220#s but we have readjusted that and now his current goal is 195#s.  Don’t take my word for it, be sure to read what he had to say after only 2 weeks of the meal plan.  I just can’t say enough how proud I am of him.  Just look at those pictures.  Not only is he dropping weight but his performance at the gym is absolutely through the roof.

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“I met Jeremy Kinnick at about a year ago at BYOB seminar. First thought that came to my head was” this guy is a beast.”  I then became his friend on FaceBook.  I was noticing that he was posting pictures of his food, and it wasn’t all Paleo like most people that follow the crossfit lifestyle.  I was noticing that he was losing weight and getting stronger.  “Light as a Feather, Strong as an Ox,” and I wanted that lifestyle.  I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost two years now.  I’ve always been big, but always thought of myself as a strong guy, until I tried CrossFit.  I am in better shape, but not losing the weight like I wanted to.  I always hear people say, “Don’t worry about what the scale says,” well for me that wasn’t working.

I hit Jeremy up on FaceBook and started asking him about what his diet was.  I explained to him that I was a police officer that forced me to follow a changing schedule that made it hard to follow past diets.  I also told him that I do CrossFit.  I also talked to him about what my eating habbits were and was curious about why it wasn’t working for me.  He came up with a meal plan for me and I have had nothing but success with it so far.  I’ve been on his program for 2 weeks.  When I started off I weighed 256.4 lbs.  As of today 04/08/12 I weigh in at 242.2.  With the meals that he has provided for me, I am never hungry.  Sometimes, I can’t even finish all the food. I have more energy that allows me to keep up with my family, work, and when I’m doing my WOD’s.  I also have had the energy to do more than one WOD a day.

I appreciate all the hard work that Jeremy has put into my meal programing for me.  I didn’t want to waste his time or my time, so I will stay committed to what he has done for me in the future.  Thanks again.” ~ Brad Reynolds

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