SoCal Games Veterans Talk Training – CF Games Video


Awesome video by Again Faster Media’s Ian Wittenber, who just so happens to be a stellar guy and beast Crossfitter!  This video is from the 2012 Crossfit Games SOCAL Regionals of myself and Becca Voigt, as well as her Coach Doug Katona of Crossfit Endurance.  Quick info on Doug, he is not only Becca’s coach but also the partner in crime with my coach Brian Mackenzie.  Brian was not able to be in attendance at the SoCal Regional because he was with another one of his athletes Lindsey Smith at the Central East Regional.  Doug played a crucial role in prepping me and warming me up for the workouts, mentally and physically, Regional weekend.  I am so grateful for all of his help and insight.

In this video we talk about training, competition and keeping up with high expectations.  With the rapid growth of Crossfit and the influx of new incredible athletes, we must train smarter as veteran athletes in the sport to stay at the top and continue to improve.  So much more than just working out hard goes into being a successful Crossfit Games caliber athlete.  Questions regarding anything that was discussed in this video are welcome.

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