Busy Prepping

Its been a while since my last post.  I have been very busy, which is an incredibly awesome thing!  With Regionals just around the corner for me I have been focusing on being ready for that but with my eyes on the Games.  My goal is to get 1st place but I know that all I can do is push my body to the limit and let the cards fall.  With that being said I am very confident in what my Coach Brian Mackenzie of Crossfit Endurance has been able to do with me this year.  I am a completely different athlete in many ways.  First off, since mid to late January I have dramatically reduced my overall intake on my nutrition.  For those of you familiar with the Zone, I went from about 18-20 blocks per day to 13 blocks a day plus a Post Workout Recovery shake from Stronger Faster Healthier which is pretty much just protein along with amino acids and a few other things to assist in recovery.  The shake consists of about 20g of protein or 3  blocks.  So my total intake daily is at 16 blocks.  I went from 205# to 185# in a matter of a couple months.  My energy has not dropped but the exact opposite.  I am thriving more than ever in my workouts and my strength numbers are extremely close if not better than before.  Not to mention EVERYTHING has improved.  The biggest changes in me have been that I now enjoy running, rowing, and am KILLING body weight movements.  More details on my drastic body changes and my increase in performance and training after Regionals.  For now, just enjoy my video of Amanda from the other night.  3:45!  I will take that.  My last performance was at the 2011 SoCal Regionals where I got 6:09 due to a bar dropped on my shins and multiple no-reps on the turn out of my muscle up at the bottom (which I think is an erroneous rule since I don’t use a false grip).  My previous best was 4:11 so thats a pretty decent PR.  Just SPREADING THAT BUTTER!

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