Crossfit is Hard

Crossfit is hard.  But “hard” is relative.  There are more normal, average, getting in shape people doing Crossfit than there are BEASTS destroying times and moving crazy heavy loads.  Those crazy Beasts are what most people want to be one day but the reality is no one starts off as one.  I wish we could dispel all the false beliefs that say Crossfit is only for the Elite or the Monster athletes.  Crossfit is for those people but its also for grandmothers and grandfathers.  Blue collar and white collar workers.  Teachers, students, husbands and wives.  Crossfit is for you if you want to be healthy and fit.  If you want to challenge yourself and see real results.  I love when new people walk in the door with the idea that they CAN’T do Crossfit because they haven’t worked out in years or ever.  I love helping them realize they can do it.

**Pictured about is my mom.  She has been Crossfitting since mid 2007 and is a very busy Grandmother of 6 so far.  She fits it in when she can and we make the work outs challenging for her.  She is closing in on 60 years old and doing just remarkable!

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