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Back by popular demand.  Had a few people ask me to bring this back.  I get asked on a regular basis different questions regarding my training, my background, my nutrition, who I train with and other various questions like what gear I prefer and so forth.  None of it is set in stone but it is consistent, if that makes sense.  Meaning that I am always learning and changing for the better.  As my body changes and improves so does my training and nutrition.  There are some constants with what I odo.  Here is your chance to shoot me a question about anything you are wondering about.  I will answer any and all questions to the best of my ability.  Thanks for checking out my site and I hope its helpful.

8 thoughts on “Ask Jeremy”

  1. Ok I got one (a two-parter)….

    We all know how challenging CF is to the body, especially when you are heavy. When you were heavy, like between 220-235, how did you manage your CF WODs adn your rest days when your body felt sore and tired…did you get injured often in the beginning? Also, did you allow yourself occasional meals that are off the Zone?

    Thanks. I always appreciate your willingness to divulge your heavier past 😉

    1. Great question Ross G. I struggled with the Zone at first. I wasn’t completely committed and I didn’t really understand it. I also didn’t take any fish oil which I have seen help so many of our members and so many of the individuals that I write meal plans for. I did occasionally eat a non-zone meal throughout the week.

      For the first 3+ years of Crossfit I followed main site programming and a 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off. But when I was heavier at the beginning I rested when I wanted. I haven’t had many issues with injuries up until this year but thats my fault. Because I wasn’t warming up or cooling down properly and I wasn’t mobilizing and taking care of my business as Kelly Starret would say.

      Sorry for delay on the response. As I am sure you can understand its been pretty crazy preparing for Games season. I hope that answer your questions. If not, let me know and I can elaborate a bit more. Thanks for the question and support Ross!

  2. Did you (or do you still) have issues with mobility that limited certain movements? If so, what specific things did you do to address those issues? How long did it take to get past a lack of mobility?

    1. I have always had mobility issues but nothing that has kept me from competing or doing specific movements. I still struggle with overhead stuff. Mainly high rep heavy ohs and high rep hspu. In the past doing lots of hspu work to improve them has resulted in some minor pain and so forth. A lot of that has to do with lack of mobility with internal and external rotation and some rotator cuff issues in my right arm from years of throwing a baseball. I used to have serious issues with false grip muscle ups. Once the non-false grip muscle became popular I never looked back.

      I never did any mobility on my body in the beginning of Crossfit. It wasn’t even a thought for me. I would try to stretch and rest but it didn’t help at all. Now I spend a lot of time rolling out my shoulders, legs, hips, etc. With rumble rollers, lacrosse balls, and stretch bands. The biggest difference has been the implementation of weekly and for a while 2x a week visits to my now great friend Dr. Bill Porath, Chiropractor & ART Practitioner. He has never adjusted me as a chiropractor. He has helped me get through wrist issues, achilles issues, and ongoing shoulder issues with Active Release work. I would seriously find a local ART practitioner and visit them if you are having some issues. They address the muscles, fascia, scar tissue, etc.

      I hope that answers your question. Thanks for the great question Pete.

  3. Jeremy, thanks as always for opening up the floor for questions.

    As the competition season approaches, I’m wondering if you’d be willing to weigh in on the value of participating in the Open for the average CrossFitter. Obviously the majority of participants won’t stand a chance of even making it past all the Open workouts, yet the community is encouraging CrossFitters of all levels to participate.

    What does your average CrossFitter stand to benefit from participating in the process?

    1. Robert,

      I totally dropped the ball on this one! It would have been nice to answer before the Open but I will give it a go now.

      Where do I begin with this question. First off, great question that I think needs to be addressed better by HQ as to why. At our Affiliate, Crossfit Kinnick, we encouraged everyone to join in on the fun. Because that is what it is. Its fun. Yes it hurts and yes its hard but thats what we love about Crossfit. The Open is really just an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. To push yourself to the limit and see what you can accomplish. How many stories did we hear about people getting their first…fill in the blank. Right? Without the Open making us do specific movements or weight, we wouldn’t have done or even attempted them. Is winning the only reason to do something? No way. Sure winning is fun but the journey and the experience is life changing. Being a part of the Open is the essence and the beauty of Crossfit. Something that I saw this year with our athletes is they set personal goals. Whether it was to try to get through more of the workouts and post them all to placing higher. I love that.

      Well thats my 2 cents. 🙂 Thanks for the support Robert.

    1. Rob,

      The pleasure is all mine. If you have any questions or need some advice please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for the continued support and for all you do for others in your community as well as the great example you are to your son! God is Good my friend!

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