What are you doing today to get better for tomorrow?

You should always think of a way to get better tomorrow by doing something today.  If you wait until tomorrow to do it, you are more likely to do nothing about it.  Yesterday I did 4 max rep sets of box squats to a 14″ box with 375#s.  My sets were 2 reps, 3 reps, 3 reps, and 2 reps.  Then I hit a wod after and some glute ham raises after that.  Topped it off with 3 rounds of 1 minute on 1 minute off of ICE BATH work haha.

I have been struggling through some nagging injuries in my left wrist and in my right achilles but I am not letting it keep me down.  I am just altering my workouts to allow my injuries to heal and recover.  For example today’s workout is supposed to have ohs, split jerk, & hang squat cleans with a 95# bar.  But because of my wrist I can’t do those movements with a barbell.  So I am switching to 45# dumbbells for those 3 movements.  Adapt and improve folks thats the key.  Being injured allows us to work on things we wouldn’t normally work on.  Use these moments to get better rather than get discouraged focusing on what you can’t do rather than what you can do.

5 thoughts on “What are you doing today to get better for tomorrow?”

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Any suggestions on how to train with a slightly fractured foot? I was told by my doctor that the first week to week in a half to not do any training at all not even swimming. However; I’ve been doing minimal upper body training (push ups, pull ups, sit ups etcc). I go back this week to have it re-examined and see how it’s healing.


    1. Carla,

      Thanks for question. I have worked with several of our athletes at the box with a similar issue. We still have them workout. There is a lot of info on exercise helping your body heal more rapidly. What I have done is have them squat with 1 foot while holding a pole and propping up their foot on a small box or parallette. As well as rowing with one foot and lots of upper body and stomach stuff. There is no point in letting your entire body atrophy because of an injury. Do what you can and work on things you wouldn’t normally work on. Hope that helps.

  2. You hit the nail on the head for me. For about 4 months now, I’ve been fighting tendonitis in my right elbow. I’ve iced it, heated it, and rested it. It will retreat only to flare up with each heavier lifting secession. It’s a pain in the rear for sure, as it seems to never really heal up.

    1. I have battled issues with my right shoulder for awhile. I have noticed stuff like ring dips, ring push ups, muslce ups, overhead stuff really aggravates it. What I have realized is that its not those movements that were the problem it was my lack of mobility/rolling out and poor technique on those movements that led to the problems. Shoulders rolling forward on the ring work can cause a lot of issues such as impingement. What might be happening is something similar to that with your elbow. Have you worked on your tricep, bicep, and forearms (front and back) at all? You might try that because it may not be an elbow issue. Also, I would go see someone that specializes in ART (Active Release Technique) and see if they can help. Hope that helps.

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