3 year old Carson Kinnick: A BEAST in training!

If you know me and/or come to my gym then you know my 3 year old son Carson.  The kid is a pure Beast!  He has had a very different upbringing than most kids.  He has literally grown up in a Crossfit gym at Crossfit Kinnick and he was in my wife’s belly while I competed at my first Crossfit Games in 2008.  She was 8 months pregnant and somehow my brother, Jonathan Kinnick, convinced her that it would be a good idea to drive 9 hours and spend the weekend in Aromas, Ca at the Crossfit Games so I could compete.  Her story will be a whole different blog later on.

When Carson was an infant I walked 4 blocks to the gym every night while my wife worked at her family’s restaurant.  At that time I worked some mornings & afternoons at Starbucks for insurance, trained in the mornings at the gym, and worked the day shift at my wife’s family’s restaurant.  So she worked there in the evenings and I watched Carson while she worked.  I would put him in the baby bjorn (its a baby carrier and arguably one of the greastest and most useful tools for parents with infants!) and walked down the street to workout in preparation for the 2009 Crossfit Games.  It was a busy life but so worth every moment I spent with my little man.

Carson has been hitting a baseball off a Tee since he was 13 months.  The kid has some ridiculous raw and natural talent.  I think a lot of it has to do with genetics and a massive blessing from God but we also give him Stronger Faster Healthier Fish Oil daily.  He can do anything and everything he tries.  He blows my mind as well as anyone that sees him in action.  He truly has no limits.  My wife and I have never verbally told him to play sports.  He just follows what his parents do daily.  He weighs 40#s and can deadlift 45#s.  How do I know that?  Because he takes off his shirts and has me load the bar.  He chalks up, stomps his feet, uses a switch grip, and deadlifts the bar with perfect form!  About 6 months ago he started putting things overhead on a regular basis.  Now he overhead squats small chairs, pvc pipes, and other random objects.  His newest lift is the clean & press.  He has a great front rack position with great external rotation!!  I have been video taping him since he was an infant.  Now he tells me to get the camera to record him when he does stuff and once he finishes he asks to see the video.

Below is a video of Carson doing  3 reps of Clean & Press with an 11# training bar.  I never showed him how to do this he just picked it up on his own.  He is wearing a helmet because he was riding his bike earlier not for protection.

Pretty awesome video right?  We have to limit his activity or else he would stay at the gym all day trying to lift weights.  The next video is of him doing the benchmark workout DIANE after I finished training our 11am class.  He was sitting in the kids area watching mommy and the others do the workout.  We were all hanging out afterwards and I look over and he has his feet on the box doing box handstand push ups like others in the class were doing.  I got the great idea of putting him through his first DIANE with 31#s and the reps are 3-2-1.  He is such a cool kid.  I didn’t time it but I think I can figure it out from the video.  Now its time to make him a Beyond the Whiteboard account to track his results.

How great is that to watch?  Where will he be in 3 years? or 5 years? or even 10?  Amazing to think about that.  Crossfit is changing a lot of things and has completely changed my life.  But more importantly to me it will change the life’s of my 2 boys, Carson and Clayton (3 months old).  I thank the Lord everyday for bringing Crossfit into my life and all the blessings that have come along with it.  We are truly blessed and so grateful for all that we have and the opportunity to continue to change other peoples life’s.  Just like Carson has no limits neither do we.  Lets live like that and continue breaking through the boundaries that we put on ourselves and others do as well!!

5 thoughts on “3 year old Carson Kinnick: A BEAST in training!”

  1. awesome JK! my boy is 100% paleo and is following us copying burpees and squats etc:) on fishoil…
    when did you start ur boys on it? and whats ur dosage? im thinking to give him 1gram a day?

    1. My son isn’t Paleo but he does follow a decent Zone. We just don’t have certain foods in our house. Carson takes 1 or 2 grams. Not sure my wife gives it to him. I take 7.5g daily of the Stronger Faster Healthier brand. I love it!

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