Tip of the Day

Do not be afraid of your workout but don’t take it lightly.  When you look at the board and see what you are doing get excited for your chance to get better rather than being afraid of failure.  Tell yourself to go as hard as you can and when you are tired and want to rest get a few more reps.  Make your breaks very short and attack the reps.  Have a plan of attack before you start the workout.  Look the workout straight in the eye and say, “You may smash me and make me tired, I may not go unbroken but I will be better after I complete you.  I will go as hard as I can and push my body through the pain.  I will do this because everything counts.”







My Plan for today

-2 x 600m run intervals with 2 minutes rest between

(rest a couple hours)

-Cycling Intervals

3 sets of:

5 min. at threshold (as hard as possible without sacrificing speed/power output), rest 5 min by pedaling in an easy gear (recovery) You are in the big chainring when doing the 5 min. hard efforts

(rest a couple hours)

-4 rounds of:

9 kb snatch right arm 70#

9 kb snatch left arm 70#

9 weighted ring dips 40#

12 Toes to Bar

Today’s Programming compliments of Doug Katona & BMack

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